How Online Pokies Came About – A Bit of History of Aussie Slots

Aristocrat PokiesIn the 1950s, acompany called Aristocrat in Australia developed their first slot machine called the “Clubman.” They revised it 2 years later with a new and improved slot machine called the “Club master.” However the first machine was originally created inAmerica by a man named Charles Fey. The company is the oldest gambling operator in Australia, with over 50 years of experience developing poker machines and casino games. The company has created some of the country’s most iconic online pokies, and provides over 80% of the electronic gaming devices to Australia’s gaming clubs. Aristocrat has put Australia and New Zealand on the map when it comes to gambling technology. In recent years, the company has moved into the online gambling market, and has experienced a great deal of success.

It wasn’t until the 1900s when the slot machines finally hit Australia. In 1956, the NSW Australian government legalized gaming machines in clubs. It was not until the mid 1980’s when the first video slots rolled off the production lines and were released to the public. This was the biggest development in gaming since Charles Fey had invented the first game. The game provided players with cash payouts when it revealed matching symbols. The popularity of these games caught on very quickly, until anti-gambling groups enacted a ban on slot machines in the early 20th century.

Nowadays, you are likely to see these slot machines everywhere you go in Australia; from clubs to casinos. They are among the most popular forms of gambling and entertainment. It wasn’t until after I.G.T entered the online gambling market that Aristocrat decided to follow suit. The company took a similar approach by re-releasing its most popular land-based slots in the online gambling world. 5 Dragons was the first Aristocrat game to make its debut online and has seen a great of success. The game saw so much success that Aristocrat has also launched it as a mobile game in iTunes App Market.

50 Lions Slot is a popular slot game developed back in 2003 by an Australian company named “Aristocrat.” 50 Lions Slots quickly became a world-wide success and it’s now available online to play for free or for real money.

This massive 50 pay-lines slot game features three cash-spinning bonus symbols, a Free Spins Bonus game, more than 2,000 winning combinations and a Gamble feature to increase your winnings even more.

50 Lions Slot is a 5-reels penny game, which means that although the coins in this game come in different denominations you can place a wager for as little as 1p.

Each credit in this game will cover two pay-lines as opposed to one which is usually the case. Based on this, you only need to wager 5.00 credits (pounds or dollars) to cover all 50 lines.

People in Australia often say things like or “I’m off to have a gamble at the pokies.” And finally, Aristocrat is keeping the “pokies” market alive with popular and evolving games. Those old hits like sun and moon, 50 lions, and Easter Island are still filling seats at the casinos. And new hits like 100 lions, Easter Island II, and Dragons are grabbing the attention of players as they long for fun alternatives to that IGT gauntlet. Look for more new hits to come in the next year, Aristocrat isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

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