Figure Skating Photographs by Discipline

There are approximately half a million figure skating and ice dancing photographs available for purchase as prints or digital images.

Digital photographs are available for the 2005-2006 through 2009-2010 seasons in JPEG format. All of these are displayed in the searchable database as unedited low resolution JPEG images for proof purposes.

Photographs on color and black-and-white film are available for the 1991-1992 through 2004-2005 seasons. A few of these photographs for popular skaters appear on the database as low resolution scans for proof purposes. Other proofs must be purchased.

All photographs may be purchased as prints or as digital images.

Click on the following buttons to find lists of skaters for which photographs are available as digital images or on film.

Please enter the name of the skater exactly as listed, plus any variations in spelling, to find photos in the searchable database. Using only the last name with no comma (Smith) provides you with the most results.

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